Sensual Seduction: Gucci Aphrodite, a Bold New Fragrance

Gucci Aphrodite is a sensual floral fragrance for women. Launched in 2022, it’s inspired by the goddess of love in Greek mythology. The scent features fruity, floral and oriental notes designed to capture her ethereal beauty and seductive power.

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Product Details

Top notes: Peach, melon, raspberry

Heart notes: Orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose

Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, musk

  • A sensual fruity floral fragrance with warm, spicy base notes
  • Captures the radiant femininity and allure of a goddess
  • For the confident, vibrant woman who embraces life’s pleasures
  • Contains high-quality, opulent ingredients for a luxury fragrance experience
  • Higher price point given the Gucci brand and premium formula


The bottle is a minimalist and elegant design inspired by Greek architecture. It comes in 60ml, 90ml and 125ml sizes. The outer packaging is designed in Gucci’s signature pattern and color scheme. Overall, the presentation is meant to reflect the sensuality, femininity and opulence of the Aphrodite fragrance inside.

Reviews for Gucci Aphrodite highlight the alluring peach and orange blossom scent as feminine yet alluring. Customers find the fragrance sensual and complex, suitable for a confident and adventurous woman. While expensive, many feel the premium formula and brand name justify the higher price point for a statement fragrance. However, some find the longevity lacking for an EDP concentration and the price tag too lofty for regular use.

For a bold, opulent floral fragrance from an iconic luxury brand, Gucci Aphrodite fits the bill according to reviews. This sensual fruity floral scent aims to capture a goddess’s radiance and femininity with intriguing layers of peach, jasmine and patchouli. However, the premium price may limit this to statement occasions or seasonal use for some. If you prefer lighter or sweeter fragrances, you may find Gucci Aphrodite overpowering based on customer feedback. But for a confident, daring perfume that makes an impression, this new Gucci fragrance could be worth the splurge.