Prime Day Deal: 30% off Select Gucci Aphrodite Fragrances for Women

Goddesses of Style and Allure

The Gucci Aphrodite collection embodies feminine mystique and seduction. Their captivating fragrances for women blend floral notes with musk and amber into potions of desire. For Amazon Prime Day, take 30% off selected eau de parfums and eau de toilettes from the Gucci Aphrodite line. Experience the enchantment.

Inspired by Greek Mythology

Gucci Aphrodite fragrances are named for Greek goddesses and the irresistible qualities they represent. Scents like Golden Jasmine (Aphrodite), Rose Tuberose (Aphrodite), and Honeysuckle (Demeter) capture qualities like love, sensuality, and nurturing through floral aromatherapeutic potions in elegant bottles.

Premium Natural Ingredients

Gucci Aphrodite eau de parfums and toilettes use only the finest floral extracts, essential oils and synthetics. Ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced from around the world then artfully blended in Europe. Their complex fragrances release notes of jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and amber for soothing yet sensual scents.

Luxury You Can Afford

While Gucci Aphrodite fragrances reflect the brand’s prestige, they remain accessible in price to more than just the elite. For entry into the seductive world of Gucci for less, their eau de toilettes offer lighter, youthful scents at lower cost than the eau de parfums. Now stylish sensuality can be yours.

Save 30% on Prime Day

Find your goddess within and save 30% on Gucci Aphrodite eau de parfums and toilettes this Prime Day. Scents like Golden Jasmine, Rose Tuberose or Honeysuckle blend intoxicating florals with musk and amber for an alluring statement of self. Choose your potion and unleash the irresistible.

Scents for the Goddess in You

The Gucci Aphrodite collection stirs primal allure through fragrances named for feminine deities of love, beauty, and desire. Save 30% on Prime Day for eau de parfums and toilettes blended by master perfumers into potent elixirs of seduction and style. However you see your inner goddess, Gucci Aphrodite provides the potion to awaken her.