Elevate Your Elegance: The Befen Genuine Leather Wristlet Clutch


Befen is a brand that offers a variety of bags, including handbags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and wallets. They are known for their high-quality materials and stylish designs.

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befen Genuine Leather Wristlet Clutch Wallet Purses Small Crossbody Bags Shoulder Handbag for Women

  • Crafted from luxurious pebble leather, this multi-functional bag from befen transitions seamlessly between a clutch, a wristlet, and a crossbody, making it a great choice for any occasion. Made from soft and supple pebble pattern cowhide leather, this bag features silver hardware and a soft fabric lining, both durable and elegant.
  • Accommodate most big-screen smartphones – including the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, 13, XS, XS MAX, 8 Plus, 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Note 8, S9 Plus, S9, Google Pixel 2, 2X, L6 Pro, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia 1 III, ZTE Axon 30 Ultra with a slim case, or any phone no larger than 6.5 inches.
  • This small purses for women boasts an interior design consisting of a full-length apartment with a slip pocket, 6 card slots, and a interior zippered pocket to keep things organized. There’s also a exterior zipper pocket on the back, so you can keep your cellphone or other valuable within easy reach.
  • Measuring 8.7″(W) x 5.4″(H) x 0.15″(D), simple and lightweight. It comes with two removable straps – a 7.5″ wrist strap and an adjustable cross body/shoulder strap (30-55 inches). Use it as a chic accessory or keep things organized inside a larger bag. Please note that it’s not designed for large amounts of items.
  • This versatile, chic, and lightweight bag is undoubtedly a great gift for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Suitable for traveling, shopping, dating, quick trips, nights out, walks with your dogs, and any other occasions when you need your hands-free.

A Clutch, A Wristlet and A Crossbody Purse

This versatile bag can be carried as a clutch without the strap, a wristlet or worn crossbody making it the perfect choice for both dressed up and casual looks. Make a great gift for friends and families.

leather wristlet clutch purses for women travel

Materials: Imported European full-grain leather.

Picture this.

You just spent a small fortune on some new shoes.

They looked dashing for about five minutes.

Now they’re peeling like the cow died of sunburn.

What kind of trash did you waste your money on?

And what can you do to make sure it NEVER happens again?

Quality is everything, when it comes to leather, it’s not different in any way.

A Review Of Befen

This is a perfect purse for someone wanting a low profile, handsome accessory that’s built to last.

The leather used is of very good quality, even grain and thick enough to withstand a lot of use (as determined by zipper pull and strap center cut edges).
The hardware is also high quality, the swivel clicks precisely made with solid springs and smooth swiveling. The zippers are all metal – with potential to snag delicate fabrics, but easily remedied by carrying zipper side out.
The fabric lining is solid and well thought out. The interfacing used to stiffen the fabric of the card holding area is just right, providing adequate support without feeling bulky or excessively stiff.

I give the design a solid A rating. I feel like I want something slightly different from the edge profile, somewhere between the single and the double for width, but as a purse designed to be lightweight and low-profile, this purse has been excellently thought out. The omission of a prominent label earns this purse big points in my eyes, as it is much easier to use it with either side facing out and it pairs much more nicely with sleek, understated pieces. Good style doesn’t need to shout about who made it, or should be impressive enough to warrant people asking after the brand. This purse does the trick.

This is the only arena in which I could see improvement. The straps were nicely folded and stored inside the purse, but because of its thin profile the strap hardware ended up forming a visible bump through the leather, presumably thanks to the weight of items stored atop it pressing the leather against the metal. This is slightly visible in the second picture, with the purse vertically oriented, the bulge located in the lower right-hand corner. Similarly, the leather of the bottom edge of the purse was bent quite a bit during storage.
My hope is the leather will relax during use and these two marks will even out over time, especially when the purse is full.
Perhaps in the case of these low-profile purses, it would be better to store the straps outside of the purse itself in the same packaging bag, so as to avoid deforming the leather.
These notes aren’t worth detracting any stars in my review, as this is a problem faced by any retailer anywhere, and I’ve often seen far worse being sold for far more.
The packaging for shipping was quite adequate. While it would be nice to see environmentally friendly/recycled/recyclable packaging, what was there does enough without using excessive amounts of material or space.